Biden? Sure, why not.

This morning was kind of like Christmas morning, except instead of Santa we had Barack Obama, instead of a tree we had my cell phone, and instead of presents we had Joe Biden crouched in the living room with a shit-eating grin on his face. Which is just as weird as it sounds.

Kidding aside, Obama could have done a hell of a lot worse. I’m no fan of Biden, and if you peek back in the archives to the very beginning of my blogging career, you’ll see that in my hot-headed youth I made some, shall we say, overheated accusations against the man. But he’s a good choice, for a couple reasons:

1. He’s not Evan Bayh, Sam Nunn or Tim Kaine
All of whom were favored picks at one point or another, and all of whom would be absolutely terrible choices. And by the way, can we hear it for D-Matt, who single-handedly defeated Nunn? It might be an irresponsible exaggeration to make that claim, but I will make it nonetheless. Sam Nunn, you just got owned by an incoming college freshman.

2. Joe Biden is a big jerkface.
Ezra Klein’s made this case before. Joe Biden is kind of like that asshole friend of yours who can sometimes get on your nerves but who you also admire for always having the perfect takedown to emotionally devastate the even bigger assholes who aren’t your friends. To whit:

He makes a fantastic attack dog. Certainly a much better one than Obama – and the fact that he’s now Obama’s No. 2 is another sign that the campaign isn’t interested in playing with foam swords anymore.

3. Foreign policy cred.
If Steve Clemons can get this excited about Biden’s foreign policy expertise, that means something. Sure he can be terrifyingly hawkish, but he’s not the guy who’s running for president. I’m guessing the Obama team wouldn’t have picked him unless he had solemnly pledged to echo the Obama doctrine.

3. Age.
In case you haven’t noticed, I really don’t want Biden to be president. But he’s 65 right now, meaning that in 8 years, he would be 73 – making him a little older than McCain is today. Hopefully at that advanced age, he would be willing to play party elder and let someone else step up to the plate.


2 Responses

  1. Biden — the perfect foil for Palin!

  2. pretty much my thoughts exactly. not perfect, but could have been much much worse.

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