Live From Denver

No, not me. NYU Localite and minor Internet celebrity Jess Roy has road-tripped to Denver and says of the convention:

This whole thing has made me realize how much I hate Hillary. She can “release” her superdelegates to my boy Barack, but it’s quite obvious that she wants her supporters to refuse to default to Obama, and in a party that is notorious for splintering violently, it is only causing damage.

Really? It’s not all that obvious to me. I didn’t see Clinton’s speech, but I did see her concession speech at the end of the primaries, and this doesn’t sound very much like deliberate party-splintering to me. If anything, it’s just a few overzealous Clinton supporters and staffers, like Howard Wolfson, who are trying to convince Obama to “heal” the party by paying fealty to the Clinton legacy in all sorts of gratuitous ways. Not to mention the McCain campaign, who are flogging this like it’s their only shot at the presidency.


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