One last thing about Palin

These rumors floating around about the birth of her youngest child are damn slimy. So slimy, in fact, that I’m not going to do justice by linking to them. Any bloggers who promote this trash should be ashamed of themselves.

I don’t even care whether or not it’s true – it’s completely irrelevant to Palin’s readiness to govern, and it involves tarring a 17 year-old girl who isn’t running for shit.


4 Responses

  1. Agreed. The proof is there, they know it is Sarah Palin’s son, but I guess it makes her look so good that Daily Kos bloggers can’t live with themselves knowing that they are going after someone who is bulletproof. Let them fantasize, it will help them brace for what is bound to happen in November.

  2. I woudln’t go so far as you Ned. Sure, these rumors really do sound, on face, quite slimy and will probably backfire. But indulge me for a second – let’s say that they are true. This means that Sarah Palin lied about something which she has then turned into a major part of her political identity. I dunno, that seems pretty relevant for me.

    And let me say – have you seen those pictures of her “pregnant” or heard the account of her flying on the plane, in labor, to alaska. her staffers didn’t have any idea she was preggers until she announced, she never showered etc etc. I’m not saying I believe the rumors, but it certainly is weird. I can think of worse things than following up on weird/salacious rumors about virtually unknown national politicians. Maybe this is a job for the National Enquirer, not partisan political bloggers.

  3. For the record – I actually give the rumors truth a probability of p =.7 Apparently, much of the legislature and the press corps thinks it’s true. But yes, let the tabloids go after this one.

    Now here’s the real question: Will Kaus be all over this rumor too? (I think we know the answer to that one)

  4. I think the probability is likely much less than p=.7. Closer to zero. There are several other explanations that fit better than a public cover-up of a birth (and especially two out of wedlock pregnancies?).

    1. Palin had the baby when she was 44, which helps explain the baby’s developmental disorder. 35 is considered “advanced maternal age.” After 40, the risk of conceiving a child with Down’s Syndrome increases significantly (for a variety of reasons, including the age of the father).

    2. Public weirdness about having the baby/announcing the birth could fall into two categories:

    a) Palin and her husband weren’t really planning on having another child in their mid-forties, but when it happened they went with it due to their own convictions or the “happy accident” perspective. They hesitated to announce because they weren’t sure what to say (“Hey, public official also pregnant! Don’t freak out because you’re weird about ladies in power and talk of hormones!).

    b) People being weird/sexist about women holding power and pregnant plus you don’t usually say anything until after the first trimester in case stuff goes wrong.

    I’m with Ned–no one should be going anywhere near Palin’s daughter.

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