I know I promised not to blog about Palin anymore, but …

So, Alaskan secessionists, right-wing religious extremists, Ted Stevens, Troopergate … what are we missing here?

Oh, that’s right. Jack fucking Abramoff.

Sarah Palin: Directly or indirectly affiliated with every bad thing ever.

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  1. Wow, did you have to study to be such a stupid fucking idiot or were you born that way?

    Sarah Palin is so much more qualified to be POTUS than Obama could ever dream to be and she’s only the VP choice. It slays me to see how you left wing crazies are trying to spin that fact…it’s an undeniable fact and if you were intellectually honest you could see that.

  2. Years of study to get this stupid. Years of study.

    Actually, “intellectually honest” would be responding to the allegation leveled in the post with substance instead of a flurry of ad hominem attacks. If you had showed up to Stupid Fucking Idiot 101, you would know that.

  3. Cripes, I totally forgot to include my last name in my first comment. Silly me.

  4. Pardon my attack…just fed up with people on the fringe attacking someone who represents what is good about our country. She has lived a great American life thus far. She has been given nothing and earned everything she’s attained in her life. There is nothing about her story that she has to gloss over like O does…

    The intellectually honest part of my arguement is you answering your own claims that Obama is actually qualified to be POTUS.

    I look forward to you answering that question…I promise no more ad hominems…

  5. Apparently her “great American life” includes ties to the most corrupt lobbyist in American history.

    This post isn’t about Obama. There are plenty of other blog posts here about him, but I’d appreciate it if you would stay on topic.

  6. I know this is Ned’s blog but lord help me, I can’t resist.

    To John: You make vague claims and offer no evidence to support them.

    “Sarah Palin is so much more qualified than Obama to be president.” Ok. How? The Sports-anchor job? Mayor of a town of 7,000? The “Commander-in-Chief” line has already been shot to hell (Newsflash: It doesn’t matter what state’s national guard it is; they’re all commanded at the federal level.).

    “Sarah Palin represents what is good about our country.” If the standard you’re applying here is the fact that she didn’t come from wealth and earned everything, then doesn’t the same apply to Obama? You know, son of a single mom. Lived off food stamps for a bit and through hard work and intellect was able to earn scholarships and earn his way through great schools. And I mean, I don’t really care what socio-economic background someone is from if their policies are good but your claims are so easily countered, it’s hard not to call you on it. What did he gloss over exactly?

    This isn’t a Fox News show or freerepublic.com. If you’re going to come on here looking to spew vague right-wing talking points, you’ll have to find some evidence to support them. And if you do, well that just means you currently know more about Palin than your nominee did when he picked her. Cheers and Congrats!

  7. Aww, my very first comments flamewar. This little blog is growing up.

  8. Ned,

    So she oversaw the hiring of a lobbyist who has ties to Abramoff, does that mean SHE did something illegal? If this is meant to be a hit piece on her it fails miserably…there is nothing there. Keep digging though…

    Meanwhile we have Obama’s ties with Rezko, Ayers, $24,000 in donations from foreign nationals that live in the town of Rafah which just happens to be home to the Rafah Gate in Gaza. Rafah is HAMAS controlled. This is illegal on so many levels it’s not even funny. Need I go on?


    All I have to say is when it comes to foreign policy experience just in her dealings with Canada she trumps Obama…

    Obama’s executive experience…??? Hello, Bueller?

  9. John, John, John …

    Go back up to the post I wrote and the one I linked to and check to see where the word “illegal” appears. Not once? That’s what I thought. I’m just waiting to hear more details about this connection.

    Meanwhile, we still have her lawyering up for the Troopergate scandal, and on record lying about both her support for the bridge to nowhere and her relationship with the super-corrupt Ted Stevens.

  10. Neddy, Neddy, Neddy,

    “I’m just waiting to hear more details about this connection.”

    So basically a fishing expedition, huh? Well, I really don’t see this gaining any momentum.

    What I would like to see gain momentum is seeing the press getting out of the life of Bristol Palin a 17 year girl who is not running for offce and get into Obama’s dealings with Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers, Rev. Wright, and all the donations from foreign nationals…..but that would be getting off topic now wouldn’t it?

  11. Yes, it would. And your desperate distraction techniques are starting to bore me. You’re the one who brought up Bristol Palin.

  12. Score one for Ned….I did bring up Bristol Palin first, only to point out the one sided lambasting the Palin family is getting in the main stream media. If this were the child of a Democrat candidate we probably would have heard a ten second sound bite stating that this is a private family matter and would the media please respect her privacy…and guess what, they would. Since this is the daughter of a conservative Republican candidate the media sees this as anything goes.

  13. I am so jealous of your flamewar, Ned. I’ve never had one in my comments. Well — not one that didn’t focus on me, anyway.

  14. I never said that Obama had executive experience. You can’t blame senators for the nature of their job. You do realize McCain is a Senator too right? Good. Just checking.

    As for Rezko: http://www.factcheck.org/askfactcheck/does_obama_have_a_real_estate_problem.html

    Been there, done that. Got anything else?

    As for Ayers (from politico.com): “There’s no evidence their relationship is more than the casual friendship of two men who occupy overlapping Chicago political circles and who served together on the board of a Chicago foundation.”

    k? good. that’s cleared up.

    As for the Rafah thing, the only info I can find pertaining to it is from “WorldNetDaily” which is basically a far-right National Enquirer so forgive me if I’m not going to believe it 100% at face value.

    As for Palin and Canada…. she signed a bill to extend a pipeline from Canada to Alaska via a private Canadian natural gas company….. ok. that’s it?

    I’m not going to continue debating whether or not Palin is qualified or not because even though the facts point towards McCain not vetting her enough and making a choice out of political expediency rather than good governance, you’re not going to change your mind and will continue parroting RNC-approved talking points on her so there’s really no point.

    As far as Bristol Pailin goes, I too would wish the media would get off her back but it really has nothing to do with the media being liberal or conservative. On Fox News’ front page they have a top story talking about how the father of Bristol Palin’s unborn baby will be in attendance at the GOP convention. The media loves controversy. That’s pretty much all it is. Oh and, a conservative writer by the name of Robert S. McCain wrote this the other day:

    “Excuse my paternal (and political) indignation but I am in no mood for pleas that the media respect anyone’s privacy at this point. I don’t think it an exaggeration to say that this girl (and her boyfriend) have caused a crisis of global significance, and if her parents are serious about “the responsibilities of adulthood,” Bristol ought to face the consequences, including about 45 minutes in front of the klieg lights while reporters shout stupid questions.”

    That damn liberal med-…. oh wait….

    Seriously though, your talking points and penchant to change the subject when you have no response is old, tired and quite frankly, rather desperate. This is why you will and should lose in 3 months.

  15. Tom and Ned,

    I had a detailed rebuttal to all of the aforementioned allegations all worked out but deleted it in favor of this…

    I’m glad we can agree about the children of candidates having no business being focused on in the national media. There are scumbags on both sides of the isle. I deeply regret the way I introduced myself to you. I am normally not that way, just felt a little sparky yesterday.

    About Obama and his ties to Rezko, Ayers, Rev. Wright, et al…use your common sense. He has ties to multiple people with questionable backgrounds, some of these relationships he’s had for years and are not just casual acquaintances. We are known for the company we keep are we not? I realize politics is not a rosy, clean business but for someone who has branded himself as a reformer who wants to clean up politics you have to look at who he’s associated himself with as he cut his political teeth.

    Are these relationships as scandalous as some on the far right have claimed? I don’t know, but neither do you…this is the point.

    You have to ask yourselves why people like Fidel Castro, Louis Farrakhan, Michael Klonsky, why on his own website does he have the support of Marxists/Communists/Socialists (http://my.barackobama.com/page/community/group/MarxistsSocialistsCommunistsforObama), the Muslim American Society (Muslim Brotherhood), the New Black Panther Party, Daniel Ortega, Muammar Qadhafi, the Socialist Party USA, the Communist Party USA, the Communist Party of IL,…

    Are none of these red flags? Should you not ask yourselves why certain salacious people or groups are throwing their support behind this man. That’s all I’m saying.

    Tom, that link to the Rafah contributions is right here:


    The names you are looking for are Mosir, Hosam, and Osama Edwan. Gaza Strip is even in the listing…

    The campaign says it has returned the money but the FEC has no record of that…

    I am a registered Republican yes, but I’m an American first as I believe the 2 of you are…you’ve got to ask questions about this man. At the very least take a good hard look at what I’ve listed above and use your common sense…

  16. I had a detailed rebuttal to all of the aforementioned allegations all worked out but deleted it

    Instead choosing to veer off into off-topic land again. Thanks, Mr. Sparky!

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