Palin’s Speech

Post liveblog, some more coherent thoughts on the speech:

First off, I think it’s going to be considered a political winner. For all the talk about the high expectations and everything, basically all Palin had to do in order to be considered a success was what she did – flash her small-town, Orthogonian cred and crap all over Barack Obama. As Ezra Klein said, she didn’t really say anything that would give any indication as to how a McCain/Palin administration would actually, y’know, govern, but who cares?

The speech’s viciousness was actually a little surprising – I mean, it’s not like I expected Palin to talk about what a great guy Obama is, but what was with belittling community organizers? That crossed the line from merely mean-spirited to downright evil. What’s next? Mocking the Peace Corps?

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