“A poor attempt of humor.”

The doucheknobbery of Carl Cameron is something of a wonder to behold. If you watch Fox News – and I know all of you do – you’ll notice that the organization is basically split up into two camps. Think of them as the “trolls” and the “ogres.” The “ogres” are the nakedly aggressive partisan hacks like Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. Their job is to relentlessly attack liberals, and if they make some shit up along the way, well, we expect that of them. They’re basically talking, bipedal (and ostensibly sentient) spam emails from your crazy right-wing grandma.

The trolls are a little bit more insidious. Those are the guys, who, like Brit Hume, actually have some journalistic pretensions. They impart the same information and blatant falsehoods as O’Reilly and Hannity, but they do it cloaked in the magical robe of balance and objectivity. They lie too, but like bringing a poisoned sword to a duel, their lying is outside the bounds of the contest as defined. We expect wingnut hacks to be full of shit, but only when that’s part of their public persona.

Carl Cameron is a troll. A cheap Republican backbiter disguised as a low-rent Anderson Cooper wannabe. And it’s worth noting that in any media institution that took “journalism” or “truth” as anything more seriously than a clever way of branding propaganda, calling a blatant lie a “poor attempt at humor” would not protect Cameron from getting unceremoniously shitcanned and sent to labor at his new job in NewsMax purgatory.

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  1. […] That’s dishonest. But if one of the more overt ideologues (by which I mean one of the ogres) on the network had made the same argument, then I wouldn’t have objected to their raising […]

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