The best you can is good enough

Okay, so Barack Obama’s speech at the convention was inspiring, historic, waterworks-inducing, so on and so forth, but if I had a choice to be anywhere while he was delivering that speech, it wouldn’t have been in the front row. It would have been in California, watching the Radiohead concert that was going on simultaneously. Fortunately for us, they’ve got it uploaded in podcast form over at All Songs Considered.

Listen guys: If Bob Boilen is gushing into the mic that this is one of the best concerts he’s ever seen, then it’s a damn good concert. Everyone needs to drop whatever they’re doing and find out when’s the soonest they can see Radiohead live.

Thanks to that concert, I listened to the song Optimistic for the first time. Like really listened to it. It was always one of those “skip over” tracks on Kid A for me, but now I can’t get enough of it. I think it’s one of my favorites now.

So that’s what’s good about the concert. The bad news is that listening to too much Radiohead is a lot like reading too much Sartre – there’s not a whole lot of music out there that’s better at producing a deep sense of alienation and sending you spiraling into an existential funk. And I’ve been listening to Radiohead all goddamn day.


2 Responses

  1. Dude, “Optimistic” has been my favorite Radiohead track for years. It is easily the best song on Kid A.

  2. I was always really into The National Anthem.

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