Sarah Palin: Not Particularly Smart

This is pretty amazing:

“Do you agree with the Bush doctrine?”

“In what respect, Charlie?”

“The Bush … Well, what do you interpret it to be?”

“His worldview.”

I really wish Charlie Gibson had asked her if she knew what the Bush doctrine is. Or maybe if he had asked, “Wait a minute, are you seriously running for vice president?” Or maybe just laughed in her face hysterically until he started crying because a major party vice presidential candidate doesn’t know what the doctrine that’s defined the past seven fucking years of foreign policy is.

Admirably, Palin at least managed to get through this whole exchange without suggesting we go to war with another nuclear power.

2 Responses

  1. Charles Krauthammer, a guy who coined the Bush Doctrine, brings a light on the case.

  2. Would Charles Krauthammer define the Bush Doctrine as “his worldview?”

    Because that’s the pathetic answer Sarah Palin gave.

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