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Following up on my last post on the subject, it’s pretty clear that Zogby isn’t the only problem with this site; John Ziegler, the guy who set it up to promote his new documentary, is quite a piece of work himself.

For one thing, if you check out the poll at the bottom of the site, you’ll notice that they only have stats on how Obama supporters scored on the questions, and not McCain supporters or Americans as a whole. I’m guessing that’s because the answer probably wouldn’t make the site’s thesis look so great; the general public isn’t terribly politically informed, and while partisans on either side are certainly more informed, they’re also more likely to swallow myths promulgated by their leaders. So I’m guessing that in a fair comparison, the Obama supporters would come out just as well, or perhaps slightly better than the national average.

Meanwhile, Nate Silver got a chance to interview the man behind the site. It’s pretty revealing. Not only does Ziegler reveal that he didn’t even bother polling non-Obama supporters, but he also refuses to say who’s bankrolling the site and documentary. When Silver asks if it’s the RNC, he gives an evasive non-answer.

For most of the interview, though, he’s just profane and needlessly hostile. I guess nobody told him that it’s those lefty bloggers who are supposed to be so uncivil.


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