On Lieberman Keeping His Chairmanship

You can probably predict what I’m going to say about this. Needless to say, I think it’s balls.

Shitty, shitty balls.

More at Pushback.


11 Responses

  1. http://dummidumbwit.wordpress.com/2008/11/18/oh-my-god-blagojevich-was-on-msnbc/

    Blagojevich is a good liberal, but he’s always one step ahead of being impeached by being too far left in a relatively centrist state. No Drama Obama got elected by a landslide for a reason, Ralph Nader is doing what now? Don’t get me wrong, I like Nader but the results of combativeness on governing from the center are obvious?

  2. How is this a Left/Right issue? The man issued toxic smears of the Democratic nominee and now president-elect. He was a terrible chairman of a committee charged with government oversight; he elected to do no oversight over the worst administration since James Buchanan. He is a dishonest, dishonorable senator, who does not represent the principles or the interests of the people of Connecticut. Does this not sound like a man destined to be called “Republican?”

  3. Having watched the whole situation, I think (without being certain) that during the 1 million man march on Washington, certain remarks were made in certain circles that he found particularly offensive, (and have currently toned down I believe) and he was scared for Israel and he is close to McCain and Lindsey personally. It’s 1/2 that and 1/2 buddy stuff and all kinda messy, that’s my reading so I’m inclined to let it go?

  4. Let what go? This has absolutely nothing to do with revenge, and everything to do with the fact that he was, and will no continue to be, an absolutely atrocious chairman. I’m not inclined to hook incompetents up to political welfare out of an empty gesture towards bipartisanship.

  5. Well, Connecticut voters may make the issue irrelevant?

  6. In 2012. That’s at least four years with a chairman who can’t be trusted to fulfill the most basic duties of his committee.

  7. Through this election cycle, whenever I thought they didn’t know what they are doing in Chicago, they have always proven me wrong, I see your point about the Homeland security post, but I’ve been proven wrong too many times thinking they were wrong and i was right, I didn’t have an opinion till Obama made his and if he’s wrong it will be a first. It’s nice to have faith that they have more brains matter than I do?

  8. This is a legislative matter, so it’s inappropriate for the Office of the President Elect to be involved at all. And “Obama is infallible” isn’t a valid argument for holding onto Lieberman.

  9. Sure it is, just look at the appointment of Rahn to tell people to STFU that won’t let someone bow gracefully out of a disagreement , you why he is in the position of Chief of Staff, get it Bad ass you got Jizzum for brains

  10. I’m not even sure that was English.

  11. Governing gonna be a bytche??

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