Associating With Known Moderates

This shouldn’t be taken as an endorsement or anything, but I think it’s worth noting that the religious right is objecting to RNC chair candidate Michael Steele not on the grounds that he’s pro-choice (he’s not) but on the grounds that he’s trying to form a coalition with moderate pro-choicers based around the issues they agree upon.

You might recognize this as a tactic called “politics,” and it’s frequently employed in Congress to get shit done. For example, I might not like Democratic Senator X’s position on FISA, but I wouldn’t consider that sufficient grounds for keeping him out of the discussion on healthcare reform. In that case, his position on healthcare would be the relevant issue.

If evangelicals can’t reach across the aisle, or even to people on their side who are slightly closer to the aisle, then they’re going to find the inside of the Republican tent getting even lonelier over the next few years.

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