Also, North Carolina.


Given the urgency of current events, along with a desire to downplay the issue during the campaign, I really think there’s actually been a shortage of people expressing, in better ways, the basic “holy fucking shit we just elected a black guy named Barack Hussein Obama” point.

He won Indiana!!

Holy shit, indeed. Taibbi puts it best in the final stretch of his latest column, but he also makes a critical point:

For this to happen, absolutely everything had to break right. And for that we will someday owe sincere thanks to John McCain, and Sarah Palin, and George W. Bush. They not only screwed it up, they screwed it up just right.

Right. It’s not just that Obama won; after two terms of a Republican president, especially a record breakingly unpopular Republican president, only a fool would have bet on Generic Republican Candidate against Generic Democratic Candidate. But as Taibbi points out in his column, McCain made the baffling decision to turn this election into a referendum on not only his own brand of curmudgeonly conservatism, but also the combined political tactics and dubious wisdom of Bush, Rove, Reagan and Nixon all rolled into one. His campaign was an incoherent blend of everything the Republican Party has come to represent over the past three decades, and when he was defeated, that was defeated too.

Any Huckabee or Romney could have lost an election. But it took the dynamic duo of Bush and McCain to bankrupt a major party.

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  1. […] January 4, 2009 by Ned Resnikoff Okay, so maybe it’s a little early to pronounce Nixonland’s demise, but I think it’s fair to say that this past election demonstrated how much the tactics of that era have lost their potency. That has a lot to do with Obama, but it also has a hell of a lot to do with McCain, Palin and Bush. […]

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