More on Obama-Era Pop Culture

You know, some of the examples Daniel uses here are more persuasive than others–for example, I’d say Daniel Craig’s James Bond is firmly a creature of the Bush era, and wondering about whether or not he’s even relevant anymore is what kicked this whole discussion off–but I think he still might be onto something:

I could go on but the point is I think the pop culture attitude of at least the next four years will not be like the last six or so. During the Bush years shows like Battlestar Galactica and Lost thrived partially because a familiar theme of dark reality and rampant fear of a possible menace. The next four will be about taking what could be and turning it into something great by making it through considerable obstacles.

In other words, the next few summers of blockbuster movies will be all about hope.

Which reminds me: I don’t remember how I found out about this (I’m not a StarPulse reader), but apparently the guy playing Spock in the new Star Trek had this to say about the movie:

Star Trek’s new Spock insists the new sci-fi blockbuster will be more successful at the U.S. box office if Barack Obama is President. Actor Zachary Quinto believes Obama’s optimism will drive film fans to see films that have positive messages – like Star Trek.

The Heroes star tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, “This is a franchise that offers hope for unity, and so does Barack Obama. When this movie comes out, and Obama is President, hopefully there will be some parallels.”

That strikes me as exactly right. One of the reasons Star Trek never really connected with me was because it offered such a utopian view of the future: all of humanity united, no poverty or hunger, and everything was bright and shiny. But it’s a vision of the future that a remarkable number of people seemed to connect to in Obama’s campaign rhetoric while the rest of the cynics and I rolled our eyes.


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  1. Hmmm, maybe you’re right about Bond, or maybe I used it incorrectly. I mean the new Bond came at an particular time when we were beginning to gear up for elections and the next POTUS. A new beginning didn’t seem so inappropriate and unfamiliar.

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