Morning Rage Shot

Well … close enough to morning for a Sunday. Rage is more efficient than coffee.

Anyway, here ya go:

Witness the face of total unrepentance. Brokaw must have needed to use an inhaler after wading through that dense fog of noxious smug. He’s not repentant, because he knows he doesn’t have to be.

That’s right, guys: despite what we may tell ourselves about the Democratic caucus’s decision to let him keep his chairmanship (with the assist of the president-elect, who shouldn’t even be involved in legislative matters like this), Lieberman is not “skating on thin ice.” He’s not going to tow the party line with a renewed vigor because he’s afraid of losing his chairmanship at any moment. The window of opportunity to seize it from him has come and gone, and he knows it.

If Lieberman decides to wield his gavel to obstruct Obama’s agenda in the Senate, or, worse, abuse his oversight powers to lead a right-wing witch hunt, what are the Democrats supposed to do? If they had taken the gavel away last week, it would have been a reasonable, precedented response to a man breaking from his party. If they do it later, it’s going to look like a partisan attack on an independent, bipartisan hero. Last week, the Democratic caucus had all the leverage, and now Lieberman does. So please, please, please stop trying to rationalize Obama’s involvement in this whole clusterfuck as some flash of secret genius. The president-elect and the DNC already tried giving Lieberman a pass so he would owe them once before, in the 2006 general election.

How the fuck did that work out?


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