Atrios is Always Right

As Mr. Meginnis would say.

Anyway, here’s Atrios being right:

Any time the phrase “what the blogs should do…” comes to mind you should probably not type it out. Start your own damn blog and do with it what you want!

Yeah. Trying to berate the liberal blogosphere into becoming some sort of homogenized infantry unit is stupid, because the thing that makes it so cool is that it’s not that. And whenever someone tries to imply that it is, I think back to Netroots Nation and some stupid thing I overheard about how the netroots weren’t partisan, they were ideological. By which the guy saying that meant, “My blog is more partisan than ideological, and since I think that’s the only correct way to do things, I’m going to project it onto the whole Internet.”

Imagine how fucking boring blogging would be if that dude was right.


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