Do You Know Where the Power Lies*

Well, this is good news: It looks like Samantha Power is going to be helping staff the Clinton State Department. That doesn’t necessarily mean that she’ll have a role herself at State, but one can hope.

Anyway, if Power is helping oversee the transition, that seems to be a signal that it’s not going to just be made up of Clinton allies, but also some people whose views on foreign policy aren’t extremely discomfiting. One has to wonder how Clinton herself feels about this.

At this point you’re thinking: “These are all very good points, Ned, but isn’t there some kind of marginally relevant TED Talk you could link to in order to round out this post?”

And the answer is: Yes! Of Course! Here’s Samantha Power speaking at TED:

*And yes, my better angels lost the inner struggle with my lesser punsters.


3 Responses

  1. Haha, good pun. Rancid reference?

  2. Girl, you know it.

  3. If you’re back by tomorrow night at 6:30, apparently she’s giving some talk uptown. I’d love to attend but I’m bogged down in term paper BS.

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