All Fiction is Political

One advantage to having a good friend who’s a neuropsychology major (as opposed to taking that major yourself) is that you get to skip all of the lectures and classwork, and just have him tell you all the interesting facts he learned.

Creativity also requires learning about your social environment, because creativity by definition needs to be useful, which also varies a lot from culture to culture. So, Einstein’s theory of special relativity wouldn’t be particularly useful to African Bushmen, and Picasso’s Guernica would have probably been frowned upon during the Renaissance. For this reason, an artist’s work is born out of the society that they are exposed to. Look at this a little deeper, and you end up with a neurological basis for interpreting an author’s world view through a close reading of their work, which I think is pretty interesting.

Which basically forms the scientific basis for something I’ve suspected for a while. I read an Ursula K. Le Guin essay a while ago where she basically argued that all fiction was inherently political, and fiction that the author claimed was apolitical was instead reinforcing the status quo. That sounded right to me at the time, and now it’s been demonstrated with science!


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