More Geeking Out Over Cruz/Fluid

Welcome to Blogging Desk:


I made it by running Google Reader through Fluid and then adding WordPress and Google News plug-ins (the latter optimized for iPhone, just because). It’s sort of my all-inclusive blogging workstation.

I need tools like this because I am EXTREMELY PROFESSIONAL. Not to mention glamorous.

2 Responses

  1. Holy hell, how do you keep track of all this stuff? Well I guess now that its your profession…

  2. I dunno, it seems the work done on these apps would be better served as Firefox plugins. Just about everything they have is available somewhere already, just not all together.

    Konqueror already does the split window this very well (if not better, because its a file manager as well). Chrome has the tab isolation benefits that fluid offers (so it won’t crash everything). The coverflow thing is slick, but seems unnecessary.

    I’m just bitter because its Leopard only.

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