I Figured Out How I Feel About Kanye’s New Album

Overall: Positively. In fact, I’d call it my favorite Kanye West album, which admittedly isn’t a high bar to clear. I like it when artists take risks and put themselves out there, and he’s definitely done that. It’s the kind of emotionally raw work I never would have expected from, and the icy, minimalist production helps with that.

The auto-tune still bugs me, though. Some critics have complained that Kanye can’t sing and uses the auto-tune as a crutch, but I think the real problem is that if Kanye really does sucks at singing, he should sing poorly. The auto-tune sounds to me less like a crutch and more like a distancing mechanism so we won’t hear how vulnerable he sounds when his voice trembles or he can’t hit exactly that right note. If you’re going to put it all out there, you can’t hide that shit from us.


2 Responses

  1. I completely agree. I overall, really like this album.

  2. yeah me too! Love this album

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