The Neocon Game Plan

Just thinking aloud here: what the hell are the neocons up to? I sort of had this idea–a popular one, I think–that the neoconservative movement was going fall into a deep slumber miles beneath the deepest sea, in the lost city R’lyeh. Then, four years from now, they would rise up from the deep to terrorize the world again and advise Sarah Palin’s presidential run.

But if that’s so, then why is Bill Kristol still talking? I suppose he has to fill up column space, but he’s still advocating aggressive military intervention because … well, just because, mostly. Still, Kristol is far more a Machiavellian hack than a columnist, and he wouldn’t say something that he didn’t see a political percentage in. If he’s still trying to pitch neoconservative foreign policy to the world, that might mean that they still think they have a place in the current Republican Party, even before the 2012 primary. That’s a pretty chilling thought.

So what are they thinking? Do they have a favored candidate in the RNC chair race? Do they want Palin to take a stab at Lisa Murkowski’s Senate seat? Or (and this is, admittedly, pretty far-fetched) do they think they have an opportunity to sway the already pretty hawkish Secretary of State designate?


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