More Blogroll People

Because I’m trying to procrastinate from getting back to this lab report.


I’ve gotten a couple hits from people searching for “nyu dems.” While it’s true that I’m a registered Democrat and an NYU student, I think they were probably looking for something like the new official NYU Dems blog, written (mostly) by the capable Luke Pattan. It’s worth checking out.

Also: My two favorite Cogitamus people have seceded from that particular blogging union and formed the less bafflingly named Donkeylicious.

And also also: NYU Local publisher Cody Brown now has a tumblr. If you can get past the weird header with its intermittently blinking, dreamy, piercing blue eyes, then it’s worth reading.

Now back to work. Sigh.


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  1. Hey, what am I — chopped liver?

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