More Pushback Today

It feels kind of weird to have gone from not particularly liking Kanye’s new album to vehemently defending it, but there you.


3 Responses

  1. I think what holds this album from being completely amazing, is Kanye’s ability to sing, or lack thereof. If he had someone like John Legend to sing most of the albums hooks, it would catapult this album into some unknown awesome stratosphere. Other than that, it’s still really good.

  2. Post processing and robovoice effects to not a good singer make.

    I loved all of Kanye’s stuff up til now, but his incredible arrogance coupled with the relative drop in quality of what he is pushing out is really making me question him. I much prefer Ludacris’s latest stuff.

    On arrogance:

  3. Quite the Pushbacker today eh?

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