George Will Versus the Invisible Liberals

Others have already commented about this, but it really is profoundly weird to see someone who’s ostensibly a conservative intellectual devote an entire column to a mythical battle that exists only in the minds of paranoid dittoheads.

It used to be that when Republicans wanted to ambush the Democrats, they would try shifting the public debate over to culture war issues where they knew the Democrats had thinner public support. Now they’ve resorted to changing the subject to proposals so unpopular that the Democrats aren’t even arguing for them.

The most irritating part of this whole thing is going to be when the anti-Fairness Doctrine crusaders point to an arbitrary end of the nonexistent debate and declare victory because YOU CAN’T STOP THE SIGNAL. But on the other hand, if they’d rather roleplay than engage in real policy discussions, I’m sure the rest of us would be happy to run the country without them.


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