Anyone want to see Ann Coulter?

New York peeps: Ann Coulter is speaking at NYU tomorrow, and the NYU Local reporter who was going to cover it couldn’t make it. So after the requisite fluffing of my fragile writer’s ego, Lily convinced me to fill in and make it a National story.

Now here’s the thing: I’ve got two tickets! Score! So, if anyone wants to come with me to the MOST EXCITING EVENT OF THE SEMESTER, please make your voices heard. I’ve got 24 hours to make sure this other seat doesn’t go to waste.

Seriously, someone, please come. I need someone there to make sure I don’t gnaw off my own leg and try to escape.


4 Responses

  1. Clearly yet another reason I need to cure myself of my living-in-New-Jersey disease.


  2. ME


    We can laugh at her outlandish accusations and statements. ME.

  3. Hell yeah.

    I’ve got a bunch of questions for her.

  4. I have a final to study for (Thank god) but be sure to avoid her acid spit as she is known to unleash it without warning.

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