Pushback Double Jeopardy


Yeah, I have two consecutive posts. Because blogging feels productive and isn’t studying, so it’s the perfect pre-finals procrastination tool.

Anyway, the first post is about the Politico sucking. A favorite topic of mine!

And the other one is about that double-standard which has irritated me for a while, where unapologetic expressions of faith as a statement of fact are a perfectly acceptable part of public discourse, but calmly stating that you’re an atheist and what that means is somehow an offensive assault on the beliefs of others.

As for the Blagojevich thing, Illinois citizen Daniel Strauss should have a post up on the main page soon. So watch that space. In the meantime, I’ve been twittering snide comments about the Illinois governor all morning, if you’re into the whole Twitter thing.


One Response

  1. Aww you preplugged me. Man, I wish I’d come up with something original to say on this. Sorry. I failed.

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