Tonight’s spare ticket goes to NYU Local’s very own Cody Brown, who is not only my boss but also demonstrated more misplaced enthusiasm than anyone else; he blog-commented, Facebook-messaged, phone-texted and IM-ed in rapid succession, earning himself the dubious honor of accompanying me to THE MOST EXCITING EVENT OF THE SEMESTER.

Watch the ‘Local tomorrow morning for my writeup.


4 Responses

  1. Did she say anything about all the “Ann Coulter broke her jaw, and had to have it wired shut, so she cannot speak” rumors?

    Just BEING THERE (at NYU last night) should rather conclusive prove that those rumors were “not quite” true, eh?

    And, what did she say about her NEW BOOK, “Guilty”?

    Inquiring minds want to know. :o)

  2. She didn’t bring up the broken jaw, and barely mentioned her book.

  3. Thanks, Ned!

    You really blasted her in your piece on NYU Local:

    But, when I went back to re-watch the YouTube video of your question — and Ann’s answer about “the Jews always breaking your heart” (?) — it seems to be gone. :(

    Did YouTube take it down, or did you?
    Can you RE-post it somewhere?

    If not on YouTube, perhaps on the CONSERVATIVE website:

    The guy who runs that video-hosting site is a BIG “Ann Coulter fan” — and will allow almost ANY video of Ann. He wants to get people (on BOTH sides: pro- and anti-Ann) talking about her.

    Your review of Ann’s speech at NYU is one of the FIRST online, so I plan to link to it from the conservative website — for THEIR take on it.

    Lots of “Ann fans” at FR, too — so there should be some rather spiritied discussion about you (and Ann) there soon. :o)

    Thank you for your first-hand report!

  4. Never mind. My bad. Your YouTube video seems to be back online. Maybe it never went down.


    In any event, your article about Ann’s speech last night is now open for discussion on the home of the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” — here:

    You are welcome to join in, and defend yourself.
    If you dare. :o)

    Seriously, it could be good for your “non-academic education” to know more about your political adversaries: how they think, why they do what they do, etc.

    Could be a sort of Margaret Mead/”Gorillas in the Mist”-kind of sociology experiment — to live for a while among the beasts.

    And, your experience there could provide fodder for a NEW article on NYU Local.


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