Great Moments in Terrible Writing

Via John Cole, this Ralph Peters op-ed is a serious late contender for worst opinion piece of the year; and considering that this is the year of the Kristol over at the Gray Lady, that’s saying quite a bit.

There are so many wonderful gems of pure fail in here, but really all you need to know about it is the very last sentence:

And Bush will have the pleasure of watching from his new Texas digs as conservatism returns to the White House – with a hip-hop soundtrack.

Please stop writing things.

6 Responses

  1. please blog about bob kerrey being a douchebag

  2. Ask and ye shall receive. I’ll get to that for tomorrow.

  3. Please God make it stop, make it stop.

  4. yesssssss

  5. […] December 20, 2008 by Ned Resnikoff Unlike either Jamelle or that other guy, I don’t have anything like a formal “assignment desk” feature–but every once in a while, someone might email me or write in the comments to ask me to blog about something anyway. And I might do it! Or I might tell that person to shut up. But in this case, the person doing the asking was my main man Erik Carter, who asked me to write about a subject near and dear to my heart: the incredible schmucktardidness of Bob Kerrey. […]

  6. My god.

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