Profiles in Douchebaggery: Bob Kerrey

Unlike either Jamelle or that other guy, I don’t have anything like a formal “assignment desk” feature–but every once in a while, someone might email me or write in the comments to ask me to blog about something anyway. And I might do it! Or I might tell that person to shut up. But in this case, the person doing the asking was my main man Erik Carter, who asked me to write about a subject near and dear to my heart: the incredible schmucktardidness of Bob Kerrey.

And he said please.

Now, all of you have probably heard of Bob Kerrey in some context, because the scant readership of this blog is divided something like this: 40% New York city friends, 40% political junkies, and 20% my parents, who are also political junkies. Hi Mom and Dad!

Those of you in the political realm know of Bob Kerrey is the scummy Blue Dog ex-senator who spent the 2008 primary season as a Hillary Clinton surrogate. The entirety of his numerous media appearances would generally involve him saying how awesome it is that a guy named Barack HUSSEIN Obama who had all types of suspicious Muslim-y types in his family could be a contender for the highest office in the land. Then he would bracket that by saying that Obama himself was definitely probably not a Muslim, wink mischievously, and twirl his giant mustache.

And then Obama won the nomination, and when it was time to support his party nominee he suddenly fell into the deepest, darkest sort of radio silence. Those of you who are into politics but don’t attend schools in New York could be forgiven for assuming that he was taking that time to pull together a rebellion against the inevitable Obama-led brutal caliphate, but my NYU and New School friends know that what he was actually doing was running the New School. Into the ground, that is.

Apparently the straw the broke that camel’s back was when Kerrey tried to appoint himself provost as well as president. The result? A unanimous no-confidence vote from the tenured faculty.

Kerrey, of course, refused to resign, and New School students responded by barricading themselves in a dining hall in protest. I’ve had New School cafeteria food before, and shutting down one of their dining halls is actually doing humanity a favor–yet for some reason it bothered Kerrey enough that he made some serious concessions to the student protesters. He’s not resigning, but at least now the students will get some input in selecting the new provost, among other things.

Props to the New School students who managed to force Kerrey into being responsive to his school’s needs–who says campus activism is dead? I wonder if anyone I know was involved.


6 Responses

  1. I quoted this bit to my girlfriend when it first appeared:
    “The lesson to take from all this is that everyone at the New School is involved in something else and nobody knows how to improve a school that is still primarily known as that place where they film Project Runway.”
    Great writing.

    Oh Cosmic Bob, how will you entertain us next?

  2. It was about damn time we all got together, that’s for sure. Hopefully all the current unrest at New School heralds the ending of what some coin as our signature apathy. It was mad fun to yell at cops and chill out in the dining hall with smelly, pissed off liberals for hours… but what was even more satisfying was getting together with other students to be productive and draft our demands, as well as share ideas. While we probably won’t see any substantial results from Kerrey for some time, it was a necessary step in enacting the change we need.

  3. I love you, dad.

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  5. Interesting… I’m gonna take a look…

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