Deep Thought

Why do spaceships in movies always have self-destruct sequences? I mean, they always seem to inevitably come in handy, but the advantages of being able to detonate your own ship at any second are surely outweighed by the risks associated with rigging the entire thing with powerful explosives. What if something catches on fire?

Conversely, even if for some reason self-destruct sequences are as common as seatbelts, why don’t the villains ever take that into account? You never hear any Klingons say things like, “Hey, maybe before we all board that spaceship, we should make sure they haven’t initiated their self-destruct sequence.” You’d think the whole “blow up my own ship” thing is the sort of clever stunt that would only work once.

And while we’re on the subject, if you really, absolutely must have the capacity for self-destruction built into your ride, you might want to consider some kind of remote detonation device instead of a loud, ominous countdown. Just sayin’.


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