That Didn’t Take Too Long

I just finished Naked Economics, which is book #1 on my winter reading list, but the endeavor may have already been irrevocably derailed. The culprit? A library copy of How Fiction Works, which just happened to have been lying around the house.

This is one that I’ve meant to read for a while. I think I can justify [temporarily] abandoning the list for it on the basis that, given that it’s a book that will probably make me both more informed and better-read, it fits into the spirit of the reading list, if not the exact letter.

Anyway, it’s not a long book. And from what I’ve read so far, it’s probably going to help me better appreciate the other books on the list, when I eventually get to them.

By the way: Naked Economics is great. It’s little dated, since it was written six years prior to the great Wall Street Catastrofuck of 2008, but it’s still a fantastic primer on the basic laws governing the dismal science. It’s not the end of my education in economics by any means, but there might be a slight uptick in economics-related commentary on the blog now that I’m no longer completely befuddled.


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  1. The speed at which you read is…frightening.

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