Our Breathtakingly Stupid Discourse

Politico says:

As the curtain comes down on 2008, it’s hard to let go. Political junkies couldn’t have asked for a better year — even news veteran David Broder dubbed the 2008 election the best he ever covered.

Greenwald replies:

Indeed. For a politically engaged person, it is truly difficult to conceive of how any year could ever be more satisfying than one marked by riveting scandals over shopping sprees, bickering among campaign operatives, and an extramarital affair of someone who, at the time of disclosure, held no political office and was running for absolutely nothing.

Is there honestly anyone outside of the Village that isn’t just relieved that this whole clusterfuck is finally over? I’d say, “Now at least we can get back to real news,” but then I remembered that the news cycle of late has been dominated by the president-elect’s six-pack and church attendance.

Look, this shit isn’t just a bothersome distraction. With a global financial crisis, a global environmental crisis, two simultaneous wars, a corroded system of government and everything else that’s going on, this is downright pernicious. If the folks who have taken it upon themselves to inform the nation don’t rediscover hard news, then we’re in very deep trouble.


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