Everyone Do the Neocon Shuffle

There’s not a whole lot that’s new or revelatory in AmCon’s cover story for this month, but if you want to get a clear picture of what’s going on in the neocon war room right now, it’s an excellent primer.

The second half of the article did a lot to remind of why I’m so uneasy over making Clinton Secretary of State, but I think that the vulcans who are closing ranks around her are ultimately going to be disappointed; it’s still the Obama administration, and he’s clearly more engaged policy-wise than his predecessor, meaning that it will be more difficult for members of his administration to shift the basic philosophical underpinnings of his foreign policy in any significant way. And at this point, Clinton would be crazy not to play ball.

So for now, at least, the Home for Wayward Advocates of Preemptive Warfare is probably on the other side of the aisle. Which, given that those are the guys who are out of power, is very good news for the country.


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