Seek the Six

Okay, so I just went from barely knowing that The Prisoner was being remade to being ridiculously excited about said remake. That’s thanks to the last item on the AV Club’s annual year of swag roundup, which pointed me towards the show’s promotional website. The Flash puzzle is kind of frustrating even after you get what you’re supposed to do, but at the same time, the atmosphere it sets is fantastic. In order to win, you’re supposed to find an unnatural pattern in a series of seemingly unrelated images. And isn’t that what paranoia’s all about?

Ever since I got hooked on The X-Files in elementary school, I’ve adored paranoid fiction, and if this website is any indication, than the makers of the Prisoner remake know exactly how to evoke the right mixture of the mundane and the foreboding without descending into camp. Plus: Holy shit, is that Ian McKellen?


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