One More Cup of Coffee For the Road

So the first day of 2009 is also my first day in a very long time that didn’t start with a cup of coffee. That’s not so much a New Year’s resolution as it is a matter of necessity; London is going to be expensive, and dropping however many pounds on one cup a day adds up. Besides, in my travels across Europe during spring break, and my travels across America this summer, I’m not going to always wake up near a reasonably priced coffee shop. Better to wean myself off of it now then spend one day being really pissy on a school bus with 12 other dudes in the middle of Arkansas.

Anyway, I was wise enough to wean myself off of it gradually; only 1/3rd of a cup yesterday, and then none today. So I don’t even have a headache right now, though I’m probably slightly more irritable than usual.

It’ll be nice to be able to start a day chemically unaided, but I’ll probably be addicted all over again by next October.

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