Ann Coulter’s Histrionic Meltdown

zfpvaI guess Media Matters is angling for outrage here, but reading all of this clips from Ann Coulter’s latest book, Everyone Please Pay Attention to Me Again, I feel something else: boredom, mixed with just a dash of pity.

Seriously, is she still fucking going on about Paula Jones and Jeff Gannon? Yawn. And the constant references to the Holocaust and homophobic jabs at Frank Rich might be sorta offensive if they weren’t so nakedly desperate.

Anyone who takes a quick look through this blog’s archives will soon realize that I’m not opposed to the deft application of some profanity to political commentary. I mean, I read Matt Taibbi and Spencer Ackerman. But Coulter has no idea how to do it like those guys do. Her use of obscenities is creatively bankrupt, repetitive, and, worst of all, bereft of humor. Flip through those excerpts from her book, and you might be pissed at first … but eventually your eyes are just going to glaze over.

I once compared Coulter to Carlos Mencia, and I stand by that; neither of them have the intellect to do anything better than latch on to a bunch of hackneyed slurs and hope that people are shocked enough to continue to be interested. But even the people who actually enjoy this lameass minstrel shows can watch the same shtick over and over again for only so long.

It’s sad, really.


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  1. confession: i know she’s abrasive, but i totally have a crush on Ann Coulter

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