Crying Bias

For a group that’s so paranoid about the resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine, conservative pundits certainly do a lot of bitching about bias. And not just bias in media outlets that claim to be objective; for some reason, right-wing punditry, in the throws of some self-pitying, histrionic passion play, decided that it was the responsibility of filmmakers, fiction writers, and now the comic book industry to, like, show both sides of the story.

This is a particular pet peeve of mine because when I was an editor at NYU Local, we kept getting complaints that some of our commentary was biased.

Yes, that’s right; people were complaining to me that my opinion pieces favored a certain point of view. They couldn’t point to any actual factual errors, but apparently anything but simpering deference to all sides of the argument, no matter how insipid, is now considered a violation of journalistic ethics.

Still, at least that’s not quite as retarded as Ken Shepherd’s kvetching over Marvel comics’ supposed pro-Obama bias. As the makers of that one shitty comic book about Sean Hannity as a rebel freedom fighter in a liberal dystopian future would tell you, people who make fiction are under no obligation whatsoever to disguise their worldview with false equivalence. In fact, those attempts at being “non-political” tend to lead to really awful results (cough300cough).

I’d be interested to hear Shepherd’s suggestions about how to “fix” this. Maybe Marvel should start censoring writers who want to inject any political commentary into their storylines? Or launch some kind of conservative affirmative action hiring initiative?


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