Closing Guantanamo

Obama says it’s not going to happen in the first 100 days, and my knee-jerk desire to see it shut down yesterday aside, that’s probably a smart thing to say.

Obviously the base should be closed down as soon as possible, but figuring out where all of the current inmates go is going to be difficult. Some of the people who have already been cleared for release have faced serious obstacles trying to repatriate, and we don’t want to just unceremoniously dump inmates back in countries where their human rights might be violated even more than they already have.

Not to mention the inmates who might need serious psychological treatment because of the torture they’ve endured while over there, and the other inmates who are, in fact, dangerous terrorists but were charged as being such under a legally bankrupt military commission system. I’m sure that Obama’s crack legal team will be able to figure out some way to phase out all of the inmates and shut the place down, but it’s going to take much longer than 100 days to do so.


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