Coulter should learn how to use it.

This isn’t a particularly important falsehood, but it is a staggeringly obtuse one. The substitution of 1921 for 1912 is an understandable typo that Coulter’s editor probably should have caught–but it wouldn’t have been hard to discover that when Schrank shot Roosevelt, Taft was the president, and Roosevelt was running for a third non-consecutive term (he lost).

What does this do to Coulter’s argument, to the extent that she has one? Not a whole lot. But it does drive home, once again, her intellectual laziness. That doesn’t mean I think she’s stupid–just that she has an open contempt for the truth, and pretty much everything else except for book sales. That’s worse than mere stupidity.

More info on John Schrank here. Ann, you just got out-researched by a dick joke website.


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