Harry Reid is an Idiot

Okay, the warm and fuzzies and spirit of goodwill are over. Thanks, Harry Reid!

Reid invited top lobbyists to join him and his supporters for an inaugural brunch Monday where he told ABC News that he will still do plenty of business with them.

“And there’s nothing wrong with that,” said Reid. “And Obama will be meeting with them too.” When asked to clarify his remarks, given Obama’s promises to change that part of Capitol culture, Reid responded that lobbyists are part and parcel of the job.

“People should understand that lobbyists, per se, are someone’s father, mother, son, daughter,” said Reid. “They work for a living.” The Democratic leader’s sons and a son-in-law have worked as lobbyists.

The Democratic Senate leader bravely combating liberal straw men on behalf of corporate lobbyists: change we can believe in.


One Response

  1. While I don’t dispute that Reid was an idiot to say this like he did, he is right about one thing: all lobbyists aren’t bad. He didn’t specifically say “corporate lobbyists.” There are lots of lobbyists who work for public sector organizations and nonprofits. And to his last point, yes, it is also true. My father is a lobbyist who worked in the public sector for over 20 years.

    That said, he could have said this better.

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