In Which Obama Looms Like the God-King Xerxes

Remember this? When that one wingnut decided that McCain supporters were a bunch of brave Spartans resisting Obama’s Persian army?

Well, now, courtesy of Jim DeMint, we know what the new crazy roleplaying thing is going to be for the next 4-8 years: Freedom fighters against President Obama’s anti-American Socialist empire. It all seems so familiar.

Well, meh, I guess. Given that this is a US Senator spouting this kind of nonsense, it seems like the sort of thing that should be pretty irritating. But then I look at this, and my heart just isn’t in caustic remarks. These clowns don’t have a monopoly on power anymore. At least one thing turned out okay already.


One Response

  1. Can’t these guys get a World of Warcraft subscription or better yet, laid? If you get one you don’t really need the other.

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