Caroline Kennedy Out

It wasn’t surprising, after Kennedy vowed not to run for reelection in 2010, and people started scratching their heads wondering what the hell she planned to accomplish in less than two years. And it makes sense that she would do it in the afterglow of the inauguration, when people aren’t paying much attention. I’m with Nate Silver’s take on this.

If, as Steve Clemons suggests, Kennedy was trying to position herself for a 2016 presidential run, that would seem to be more out of pressure from her political allies than any ambition herself for power. Which makes one wonder: what the hell were those people smoking? Even if Kennedy did get the Senate seat, did anyone really think that quietly serving out two years in an office she wasn’t even elected to makes for a good jumping point into 2016 Democratic primary?

I suppose it’s all moot now. Still, though: WTF?


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