I’ve got to strongly disagree with Lucas. Maybe I just don’t get the appeal of the Blue Dogs’ “hometown-idealism,” but I don’t see the value of adding yet another one to the US Senate. Particularly because she seems to be most right-wing on foreign policy and civil liberties; exactly where Evan Bayh and the newly formed Senate Blue Dog caucus are probably going to cause the most headaches. This woman was voting for massive, GOP-backed war funding bills sans withdrawal timelines as late as 2007.

Mostly, though, I’m in agreement with what Ezra Klein says here. Why wait until 2010 for that special election? The whole idea that governors can just pluck random people out of the House and deposit them in the Senate without voters having a say one way or the other is just unseemly.

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  1. great article!

    In addition Obama is now chipping away at the freedom of the press, biting the hands of the media which got him elected.

    I enjoy your excellent blog and would like to exchange blogroll links with you.

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