Chuck Todd’s Big, Strange Idea

Chuck Todd may be the crack political analyst everyone says he is–I don’t watch enough television to rule on that one way or the other–but this question was just weird:

I think an appropriate response would have been for Gibbs to stare intently at him for twenty seconds or more, in dead silence, and then, very slowly, form his mouth around the syllable: “Noooooooo.

It’s one thing for Obama to try and get bipartisan support for a stimulus package. It’s quite another for him to tank his own proposal because it would have succeeded while being insufficiently bipartisan. Rather, Obama’s doing what he should be doing–taking charge of these negotiations, and aggressively targeting weaknesses in the opposition.

Which is all fairly heartening. But if Obama’s guilty of anything, it’s probably underreaching instead of overreaching. Krugman’s uneasiness over Obama’s proposal has got me uneasy too, and while I can understand the desire to water it down and snag a few more Republican votes for that special stamp of bipartisan approval, it’s not like this is a situation where we can afford a mediocre compromise bill. Rather, I’d like to see the Democratic Party ram the most ambitious plan they can through Congress, with or without any meaningful Republican support. If that means they have to pay for it later on lesser issues, than so be it–we’ve got a Code Blue right now.


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  1. Amen! ‘Nuff said!

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