Michelle Obama is not Stokely Carmichael, You Twit

You’ve probably seen this already, but it’s still ridiculous:

Coates says that Williams just proved he “knows very little about Michelle Obama and even less about Stokely Carmichael,” which is true. He then goes onto say:

I have the urge to say something really nasty right now. But I never like those blog posts when I read them a week later.

See, I have no problem with reading those posts a week later. So, for the record: Juan Williams, you are a stupid, stupid man and you say stupid things on stupid television programs.

More from Serwer about precisely why this is so breathtakingly insipid. All I really want to add is that besides the “Whitey” Tape–WHICH IS AS MYTHICAL AS LEPRECHAUNS–there is absolutely nothing to indicate that Michelle Obama has bad things to say about anyone. Seriously. From what little I, or anyone who doesn’t know her personally, understands of her personal views, she seems almost suspiciously nice and non-spiteful. The only way these smears of her in the media make any sense is if you think a smart, successful black woman simply has to be some kind of covert radical ball-breaker.

Because, again, the charges here make no fucking sense whatsoever. It’s like accusing Meghan McCain of being a member of the Weather Underground. You should not be allowed to say these things on television and then have people ever take you seriously again.


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  1. Did Bill O’Reilly just sound like the rational one or do my ears deceive me?

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