Business Casual

You know, as hilarious as it is for any member of the Bush West Wing to accuse anyone else of showing a lack of respect for the dignity of the Oval Office (I’d consider abusing the powers of that office far more disrespectful than, say, loosening your fucking tie), I am getting tired of stories like this or the snow day thing.

Hey guys! Obama’s been doing some president stuff too. He could be signing bills while wearing a mumu and I’d still rather hear about the actual content of the bills.

On the other hand, maybe the reason reporters keep going back to this nonsense is because they can’t get anyone in the administration to talk to them about anything real. I hope this is birthing pains, as Drum suggests, but whatever it is, it had better stop soon. Being clamped shut like this is bad for everyone, up to and including Presiden Obama.


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  1. If Obama were wearing a mumu, I think I’d kind of want pictures…

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