Joe the Public Intellectual

When, in the last couple of the weeks of the campaign, McCain’s strategy turned into nothing more than reflexive invocations of Joe the Plumber, it seemed like they were just using a campaign prop because they had nothing else.

Then when Pajamas Media hired Sam Wurzelbacher, you could have argued that it was just a cheap publicity stunt, a Hail Mary from an already failing media enterprise.

But what to make of the fact that the GOP is now employing this uneducated doofus as a political strategist? It doesn’t seem to be just a PR stunt–the only possible explanation is that they take his [staggering dearth of] ideas seriously.

This is fucknuts.


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  1. […] it takes to actually believe that Joe the Plumber has something worth saying on the stimulus.  Ned is right: this is f*cknuts.  These people are […]

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