Why I Didn’t Want to Keep Daschle


Unlike Ned, I think Daschle’s departure is a net-loss for liberals; after all, he is one of the very few people with the experience and skillset necessary to successfully spearhead the massive effort to build a truly national health care system.


On the same day The Crimson publishes a staff ed praising Daschle’s withdrawal, they also publish a comment from me that more or less says those who pushed Daschle out want sick children to die.

So it looks like I’m pretty much on my own here as far as the clubhouse goes. But I’ve still got to say, as unhappy as I am about the setback to universal health care caused by Daschle dropping out, I don’t think Obama ever should have nominated him in the first place.

It’s not about the taxes, either; Dylan and I at least agree that his ability to properly pay his taxes doesn’t really have a lot to do with the duties of the HHS Secretary. But his extensive financial ties to the health care industry very much do.

It’s admirable that Obama is doing his best to keep registered lobbyists out of the White House, but that needs to be part of a broader commitment to diminishing undue corporate influence on government in general. And that means not nominating someone to be your point man on reforming health care when the health care industry has been stuffing his wallet for years.

2 Responses

  1. Man, we should get an actual clubhouse, with a big “No Wankers Allowed” sign. It’ll be awesome.

  2. Isn’t that sort of what the Flophouse is?

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