New Writing Project

About a week ago I made some cryptic allusions to a new writing project that I was working on. It’s nothing too big, but I wanted to fine tune and get some feedback from people I trust before I started linking around to it.

It’s called daniel goes to college in new york city, and it’s an experiment in trying to make successful blogfiction. Most attempts I’ve seen at marrying narrative fiction to blogging have tended to suffer from the fact that the author seems to want the story, deep down, to be a short story or novel on the printed page, rather than a blog. So I decided to see what would happen if I started off with the blogging medium and worked backwards from there, trying to see what kind of story would fit best in that format. What I ended up with could be described as a sort of prose webcomic: a series of 300-400 word vignettes that can be read as either self-contained pieces or part of an overarching narrative. pictures for sad children was a big influence, both in terms of tone and narrative structure.

The blog updates three times a week: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Here are the first, second and third installments. There’ll be another one later tonight.


2 Responses

  1. […] out Ned’s first try at success in blogfiction! [Ned […]

  2. Not sure if it will be an inspiration or a deterrent for you, but check out for a successful blogfiction.

    Zephyr — a superhero webcomic in prose

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