Ann Coulter No Longer Just Guilty of Crimes Against Reason

So I guess I’ve been tagged to talk about this whole Ann Coulter thing, but I think Daniel’s set some unrealistic expectations for me. When I first saw that Calderone item, my first instinct was to chuckle and then move on.

I know I pick on Coulter a lot, but that’s just because she’s emblematic of the craven theatrics of a certain faction within the radical, far-right fringe. As an individual, she hasn’t been relevant for quite some time, and if she has to serve a couple years in prison, nobody but the folks on the Free Republic message board are going to notice, or care that much. When she’s out, I’m sure her status as an ex-con will do about as much damage to her wingnut cred as it did for Tom DeLay and G. Gordon Liddy.

One last thing: It makes tactical sense that Coulter would try to continue voting in CT even after she wasn’t a resident there. The first time I heard allegations of this was years ago, maybe as early as before the 2006 election, when both Chris Shays and Joe Lieberman were threatened by Democratic challengers. Coulter might want to argue in court that she was only doing her patriotic duty in trying to keep both of those American heroes in office.


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