Can CT Just Have Its 2012 Senate Campaign Tomorrow?

Last night I was arguing with a friend that, based on what I knew about CT politics, Lieberman was going to be in a really tough spot come 2012. He pointed out that the election was still years away, so the polling now doesn’t mean much. And that’s true; a lot can happen in the next 3-4 years, but Lieberman’s been trending gradually downwards for years already, and I can’t imagine the situation reversing itself in his favor unless he made a dramatic U-turn into the direction of behaving like a decent human being.

It’s funny; if you’re not looking at the polling, then Lieberman’s been remarkably lucky. Despite badly misreading 2008’s political climate, backing the Republican candidate, speaking at the Republican convention and smearing the Democratic candidate, he got to keep both his seniority and some of the prime chairmanship real estate in the Senate. He even got to steal the spotlight for a little bit during the Senate stimulus package debate to offer up a steaming pile of some of his trademark smug self-congratulation. To say it’s more than he deserves would be some hilarious understatement.

On the other hand, his poll numbers don’t look a great deal better than they did ten months ago. The people of Connecticut, it seems, are much less forgiving than President Obama.


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